Enable Instant Resuming on WP7 – Registry Hack

On your Windows Phone 7, while going back to previous applications or while waking the device up from sleep and unlocking, you must have seen the Resuming…. Screen. You have to wait for 10-15 seconds while switching between apps. This might look sometimes annoying to you. Windows Phone Hacker found a registry key that gets rid of this resuming screen and brings instant resuming on your WP7 phone.

Here’s the key:

Set it to 0 to disable dehydration. (Defaults to 3)
There’s even no need of restarting. You just need to load up an application and lock the device.

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Side Effects of Registry Hack of WP7 for Instant Resuming
1. This won’t help your battery much. But it might not be so bad, because the applications are still frozen in the background, just not dehydrated. This is evident with Fruit Ninja where the game pauses after being returned to.

2. The second side effect involves your phone’s camera. Sometimes, the camera will let you take one picture, and then lock up entirely. This one is tricky, because it happened at first for a while, and then went back to being completely normal (can take pictures, view pictures, etc). Experiment a little with it, and tell me what happens.

3. The third side-effect is that sometimes your icons won’t load, for whatever reason. But need to worry as much as this doesn’t affect your device usage.

More Info at XDA Forums and WindowsPhoneHacker

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