Watching IceFilms TV shows on Android Mobile

Many of us know that IceFilms website contains huge collection of movies and television shows. We can watch those serials and movies online. But what if we want to see those on our Android mobile. For this, ‘Stonyx’ has developed an application by the name Ice Stream that allows us to watch television shows online. The movies and television serials that are itemized by IceFilms website can be watched with Ice Stream easily.

Ice Stream Working

1. When you open this IceStream app for the first time on your mobile phone then you need to select the category first.

IceFilms website Android app

2. After choosing the category, browse through the large collection of movies that are available online.

3. When you see that the video that you want to see is in front of you then you need to select any one of the required file sources.

4. You can select from one of the options – either you can stream and open the video file or you can first download it and then open it or you can just download and save it without playing.

5. Once you have the file on your smartphone, you should consider having any app that supports DivX format. Perhaps, you have to download one of the free media players available on the Android Market. Please note that all the media players do not have the support for file streaming and these will also ask you to have physical location of file on your phone. You can go with either of MX Video Player, VPlayer or Mobo Player in order to play the files.

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The IceStream app lacks in the search function and any favorites bar on which user can add his/her favorite movies. Also, some people are unhappy with no rewind functionality.

Please note that the DivX files generally use avi extension and this avi format is also used for some other file formats. The default player that is installed on most of the phones support avi format and no divx. And so, if you will try playing divx files with default player then you will get exceptions (errors).

You should also be careful that if you are opening any movie file with streaming and your mobile does not have support for avi format then the movie will not run.

Download Ice Stream app for IceFilms website

Download Icestream.


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