How to play Dune game on Android Mobiles

Did you enjoy playing game Dune on your older versions of Windows on your computer and do you want to play the same game now on your Windows7 computers also. I can’t say if it works correctly on your pcs but a user, when tried to play it on his Windows7 64-bit machine, saw it as crashing. He tried many times but everytime, he failed to make it successful. He was having his mobile and just a thought strike to his mind that why the game cannot be played on the mobile phone. He thought that if he is successful in playing the game on his Android mobile then that would be best, even more than that playing on computer because phone is a thing that will remain with him forever but he can’t carry the pc everywhere.

So, in order to play the Dune game on his Android device, he took below steps and you can also, follow the same.

Playing Dune on Android

Playing Dune on Android

1. Download aDosBox.

2. Install the aDosBox.

3. Download dune.

4. Extract zune folder from the zip and make it to the root of your SD card.

5. Unplug the smartphone from pc.

6. Launch the aDOSbox that you got from Step2.

7. For getting the key-board, make Menu.

8. Consider typing cd dune and hit Enter key.

9. You will see that Dune is launched successfully.

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Please note that the above process is found working on WVGA device HTC Desire HD. S, it should work with other devices as well, atleast for WVGA devices. You can please try and comment below to let us know whether it worked for you or not.

The above process has been tested with the French Version and not with the English one, but it should work for English as well as generally, both are same. The only difference comes in language.

Loading Dune

For loading and saving Dune, you can follow below steps:

1. Make ‘See Dune Map’.

2. Go to yellow ball on the left-down corner.

3. You can see there Menu with ‘Load/Save game’.

4. If you are in the front of mirror, you can save there too.

dune working.

Many people normally use pad from Emulator Plus, the square with 1. This is equal to the normal mouse-clicking.

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