[How To] Remote Control PowerPoint Presentations on Android Phones

Do you feel the need of an app to remote control your Open Office and Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations on your Android Smart phone. I think the answer would be yes 🙂 . Then this post is must to read for you.

XDA Developer v XenOn v from VRalleV has released an app, Free PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote, that remote controls your Openoffice and PowerPoint presentations on your Android smart phones. And best is that the app is free 🙂 .

The app would be best for professionals or students, who are always need to work on such Powerpoint files. With this app, your life would be very easy. You need not to carry your presentation every time in a Pen-Drive. You can view it remotely, no matter where you are.
Remote Control PowerPoint on Android

Features of Free PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote

  • You can preview the presentations on your Android device
  • Supports Notes
  • No Installation required on your PC
  • Easy to setup
  • Supports all screen sizes
  • Multilingual
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How to use Free PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote android app

On your Android Device,

1. Download the app from the market.
2. Start the flight mode to avoid incoming calls or messages.
3. Start the app.
4. Set the port.
5. Check your network connection (Wi-Fi is recommended).

On your PC,

6. Download this file on your PC. The file doesn’t need any installation. Just start it with java. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. So, your PC must have JAVA installed. If you don’t have java, download from Java Website.
7. Start the app with JAVA.
8. Insert your phone’s IP Address (usually the internal).
9. Insert your phone’s port.
10. Open your presentation with the program (or insert the number of pages manually).
11. Switch to the optional tab and configure the time gaps and the port.
12. Choose the screen with ‘Change Screen’.
13. Hit ‘Connect’ to connect PC and smartphone. The result can be seen in the log.
14. If it not happened automatically, open your presentation and bring it into the foreground (you do not need to start the presentation).

On your Android Device,

15. De- or activate the status bar while the presentation is running.
16. Choose your preferred wake lock.
17. Choose your preferred font size for the notes.
18. Start the presentation.
19. Wait while the presentation gets initialized.
20. Hold your presentation.

via vXenOnV

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