Android app smarter than wife – knows all your needs

Do you think that your Android mobile can provide you such information that you even don’t know that if you will be requiring that information or not?

Can you think that your Android phone can act like or more than your friend and can provide you what you need at any point of time?

Can you think that your Android mobile can be so smart that it can react as per your needs?

Do you think that you need not to tell anything to your smartphone but it will guess your needs automatically and then will react according those needs?

The answer to all the above questions can be No to you but it is, yes for reQall Rover application. The application acts as a pro-active localized and personalized assistance. The app guesses your requirements smartly based on your time, context and location.

Reqall Rover Android Assistance

reQall Rover Android app Features

• It tells you about the people that you need to be friend with. So, you can know about the person whom you are going to talk-to in advance.

• Summarizing emails: It checks your Gmail and summarizes the important emails in front of you so that you can quickly grasp of the important emails. You can then see if there is any such important mail that you need to reply within some fraction of time on urgent basis. You can also see the non-important emails that can be delayed replying for some time.

• You can save money on the local deals going in your area.

• You can always check Twitter trending topics and can see what is trending on the Twitter at that point of time.

• You can check your Facebook updates.

• You can get weather information.

• The news items pertaining to your special interest can be seen on your mobile.

• reQall Rover also gives you a voice assistance that helps you in asking and hearing for any assistance.

• reQall Rover makes you punctual.

* Android Lost.

Actually, Android app reQall Rover collects the data from various web services and then based on some computations, does the work for you and acts smarter than your wife for you :).

Currently, reQall Rover in its beta stage. You can signup through and get yourself in the holding list or you can also get an invite from one of your friends, if he has any invite left.

Download Android app reQall Rover

Download reQall Rover.

Android Helper Video

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