Take thief photos and recover lost Android mobile with AndroidLost

Do you fear losing your precious Android mobile phone? You can either misplace it somewhere or some thief can steal if from you. In any of the conditions, you end up in losing your costly smartphone. We all have our important data stored on our cellphone and if that is lost, our all important data, information and contacts are lost. None of ours memory is so sharp that we remember all the contact numbers of our all friends. We have those numbers in our cellphone and if they are lost, we can be in a great pain. To reduce our pain and help us in every way, ‘Theis Borg’ has developed an Android app by the name ‘AndroidLost’.

Tracking Lost Android Mobile

AndroidLost helps the users in controlling your mobile phone remotely. You can check your smartphone through internet or just by a SMS.

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Android-Lost Features

• Reading SMS: You can read the daily sms from your smartphone and can forward them on your emailid.

• Alarm controlling remotely: You are in a meeting or going in a silent zone. You cannot make your handset ring or vibrate at that place. So, you keep your handset in the silent mode. And when you come out from that silent zone, you keep the set somewhere and forget to make it in ringing or vibration mode. At this point of time, you are unable to find it since calling it also will not tell you where it is as it is in silent mode. With this AndroidLost app, you can on the alarm from sitting on your laptop.

• Sending SMS from computer.

• Phone Locking: From sitting on your laptop, you can unlock and lock your Android mobile. The only requirement on the laptop is internet. Moreover, if you do not remember your pincode, you can change it by entering a blank pincode.

• Wiping mobile: If your handset is lost and it contains the important messages then you can erase all messages and contacts at once so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

• Call-forwarding: The calls can be forwarded to a nearby mobile number.

• No pre-Installation: The best thing is that if your handset is lost and it was not having the AndroidLost application installed on it then you can download the app from Google Market and can initiate the connection with SMS “androidlost register”.

• No battery usage: The battery will not be used by the app as it uses the latest google technology for sending sms.

• Pop-up Messages: If the person is willing to return the lost mobile then you can send him the message telling him the location where he/she can return it to you.

• Erasing SD card: Clicking one button will erase and wipe out SD card completely.

• Email sent on SIM change.

• Hidden SMS.

• Reading Status: It helps in detecting the left battery status, displaying IMEI etc.

• Seeing the location on map: The location of smartphone can be traced using GPS.

• Call List: A list containing the outgoing and incoming calls will be sent to your email address.

• Hidden Photographs: One of the best features is that it can take the photos of the thief from its front camera, in case the mobile is stolen.

Please note that the developer takes no responsibility if your set is bricked or anything bad happens with it due to this AndroidLost app.

Download Android-Lost app

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