Night Vision Camera app for Android Mobiles

Do you fear in the dark and miss your some time favorite torch in the dark? Whether you fear in the dark or not, but you can’t keep the torch always with you and it is also true that you cannot move in the dark without torch; atleast in some very dark places, you want anything that can glow and can give you light.

There is one item that you can keep always and I know that you keep it always with you. That item is your personal mobile phone. If your mobile phone runs on any other operating system other than Android then I can’t say anything but if it uses Android OS then I can provide you the way by which it will act as a light-throwing torch in the dark.

Night Vision Android Camera

Actually, there is an Android application by the name ‘Night Vision Camera‘ that when activated, glows your mobile and your Android mobile acts a torch.

Night Vision Camera enhances the power of your mobile’s camera in the absence of light.

Night Vision Camera Android app features

• The photos can be saved with one-click.

• The flash of the camera can be adjusted so that the visibility can be extended.

• Adjustable light.

• If you have a front camera then that is also supported by this app but please note that you should have Android 2.3+ for that to work.

• If there is enough light in an area then you can take pictures in that area also. You need to adjust the sensitivity of light for that.

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Night Vision Camera Android app Bugs

Though the app is nice but it has lots of bugs and lots of users are complaining about it:

• On some of the tablets, the image orientation does not work properly.

• Some users are complaining that the app is useless and it needs light and can’t be categorized as 100 percent night vision.

• Some say that it works similar to camera of mobile and there is no need to have it if you already have camera in your Android mobile phone.

• Some say that the only thing it does is that it gives little green color screen to you.

• Some even are suspecting on the name and description of this android app Night Vision Camera and says that it does not work in the absence of light and can be used only to turn on the flash.

But whatever the bugs may be, you can use it in the dark and if it works well, you can keep it else can uninstall it from your phone.

Also note that since mobile cameras do not use infra-red, so the actual quality of night vision app depends on your smartphone’s camera. If the camera of your mobile is not good then the app will not work properly.

Download Night Vision Camera Android app

Download Night-Vision.

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