How to run Linux commands on Android Mobile

If you are a good Android developer and programmer and want to run the linux commands on your smartphone then the app ‘Terminal Emulator’ can prove good to you. This app allows you to access your Android phone’s inbuilt Linux command line shell. With this app, you don’t need any Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal.

Terminal Emulator helps the developers in running the utility programs on their phones. Whether you are a programmer or not, you can gain access to your mobile’s internal configuration with this application.

More to note,
Mr Number
Password Manager

Terminal-Emulator can work with both rooted and un-rooted smartphones. So, it is not mandatory to gain access to root on your device. Also, this application does not help you in rooting your device.

Some users try it for playing games. So, let us clear here that this is not a console-emulator and will not help you in playing the games.

Terminal Emulator Android app

While using this application, you will see it requesting the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and INTERNET permissions. These permissions are needed so that the commands like ‘cp’ and ‘telnet’ that can be run from the emulator have the proper required rights to access external storage and the Internet. Actually, the utilities of command-line inherit the permissions of the app that helps in launching them.

Android app ‘TerminalEmulator’ is an open-source project. It can have some bugs and the team behind it is constantly improving it and fixing the bugs.

Download TerminalEmulator

It can be downloaded from Market

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