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Most of us love the images and we often search the pictures of beautiful sceneries or flowers or animals on internet. Many of us search our favorite celebrities on internet. The celebrity can be any bollywood or hollywood personality, can be any sportsman or sportswoman or any politician.

There are various Image search engines available that you can use on your computers. But most persons prefer Google. But if you want to search the pictures on your Android Mobile phone then you can try Vimage Image Search Engine. It’s a recently launched Image Search Engine specifically for Android smartphones that allows you searching the pictures on your mobile phone.

Image search Android app Vimage

Vimage is using the Microsoft’s Bing API to fetch the results and then it shows those results on phone’s homescreen.

Vimage Android Image Search features

1. Beautiful User Interface.

2. You can filter the results by applying the various filters. The filters can be organized according to size such as large, small or medium. The colors can be changed from black and white to any other modern one. The pictures can also be filtered from simpler ones to stylish. If you are searching human photos then they can also be filtered according to human faces, shoulders or heads.

3. The pictures can be stored easily on the sdcard so that you can see them offline whenever you wish to do.

4. The cache can be cleared easily.

5. You can share the pictures with just a single click.

6. The wallpapers can be searched according to stars, scenes, films or vehicles etc.

7. You can search from millions of images that are available on the internet.

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Vimage Image Android app asks some permission due to the following reasons:
1. It reads the sensitive data which is used by developers of Android to locate the errors.

2. It needs access to Internet for searching the photos.

3. Vimage cache photos to SD card so that the processing time could be minimized.

4. It prevents the mobile to hibernate when you are viewing the pictures.

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