Kill Wifi on Android – Disable Internet for Network Stealers

The developer by the name ‘bponury’ has made an excellent Android app with the name ‘WiFiKill’. The app helps you in scanning your wifi network for all the connected devices. You can see the connected devices with their vendors’ names. This is not the end of this Android app but it does a lot after this. Infact, the real job of the app starts from now.

‘Wifikill’ application not only searches all the available devices in your wifi range but also helps in cutting the internet connection for those devices.

Wifi Killer Android app

This is the best work of this application with which you can get rid of the network stealers.

‘Wifikill’ android app helps you in your private as well as personal life too. If you are a regular user then also you will find it handy and if you are IT software users then also this app is must for you.

More to see,
Vibration Notifier
Notification Toggle

With this application, you can check if someone is stealing your internet bandwidth. You can check that person and block him/her. You can see if your parents or any of your friends are keeping an eye on what you are opening on your device. Another usage is that if you are in your wifi range and many persons are using net on their devices. You want to take revenge from one of your friends or just out of fun, you want to cut his/her internet then you can do that and make him/her take your help. In this way, you can also prove your dominancy over the web and computer 🙂

This Wi-Fi Killer works only with the rooted phones.

The developer has made this app recently only and within few days only, he has updated its version from 1.0 to 1.3.

Users are appreciating this WiFi Hogger a lot and they are suggesting new features to be added in it. Coder ‘bponury’ is continuously adding their desired functionalities and releasing new versions.

He has recently added Menu –> Search option for the mobiles and that searching is without hardware search key.

If you are searching on a large network and the search bar is in progress and taking time then you can touch the progress bar to stop searching process and can re-schedule it again in 30 seconds.

It works on Android 2.1 or greater, your mobile phone screen should be having minimum width of 240 dpx. ‘Wifikill’ requires Wifi and Touchscreen features.

It needs the below permissions:
• Internet

• Accessing Wifi

• Accessing Network

• Vibrate

• Wake Lock

• Reading state of mobile

Download WiFi Killer Android app

It can be downloaded from here

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