Check your American Airlines flight status on Android, iPhone and iPad

American Airlines has launched their app for Android on which you can check your American Airlines flight status. With the app, you can view your personal flight details such as your seat number, your gate and status of your flight. You can access your Mobile Boarding Pass – the app saves it so that you can find it later.

Just swipe and tap your way through your American Airlines travel information. You will get all the required info of your flight details.
American Airlines Android app

Features of AA
With AA app, you can
• Check-In for Flights
• Check Flight Status and Schedules
• Create Flight Status Notifications
• Access your AAdvantage account and can enroll in AAdvantage program.
• Track your Elite Status progress
• Book Flights
• View terminal maps
• Play Sudoku

AA app for iPhone and iPad were already launched by the Airlines. Now, they have also launched the app for Android.
We are providing here the apps of all 3 devices.

Download AA App for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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