Install multiple XAP files on Windows Phone 7 – Mengow XAP Installer

Mengow, a XDA Forum developer has released a Multi XAP Installer. As the name specifies, this installer allows you to install multiple XAP files on Windows Phone 7. The application allows you to select multiple XAP files and deploy to your phone or emulator. You can install batch of XAP files within some seconds.
Mengow xap installer

Requirements of Mengow XAP Installer
* Windows Phone 7 SDK
* .NET 4.0 Framework
* Unlocked device: Your phone must be ChevronWP7 unlocked for this app to work.

If you are receiving error code – 0x8103010B or if you are downloading xap’s from marketplace, Enable Xap Signing from Settings form. By default, Xap Signing is off.

Download Mengow’s XAP Installer and follow the on-screen instructions to add XAP files and deploy them on your phone. You must be a member of XDA Forums in order to download this. If you are unable to download it, just comment here with your emailId and we will mail the app to you.

This installer can also be used to deploy multiple XAP files on WP7 Emulator as well.

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