Stream Videos & Audios on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch idevices

Air PlayIt is video streaming software that helps to stream the videos on your iOS Mobile devices. The iOS device can be Apple iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. And on these iDevices, around 320 different audio and video extension files can be streamed via 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

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Air PlayIt iOS Streaming Software Features

• Stream 1080i/1080P HD videos on iPad and iPhone.

• Allows selecting any language in the video file.

• Allows caching of music to the library inside iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

• Supports wmv, mpeg1/2, flv, mov, avi etc. formats.

• Adjusting resolutions.

• Adjusting quality of videos and audios.

• If you are downloading any file and due to some reasons, you have to stop the download then on downloading the same file next time; you do not need to start from scratch. Air PlayIt will start from the left place.

• You can control your pc remotely and even shut down it.

• Recently Played files are listed.

• Special permissions can be set.

Streaming Videos on iPhone

Air PlayIt iPhone Streaming Software Functions

• Accessing Video Library
This software has caliber of playing the video almost in any format. It converts and streams the movies and videos to iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

• Remote Video Converter
AirPlayIt has inbuilt Offline Task Manager that helps in adding, managing and downloading the video conversion works on your idevices via 3G, 4G or WiFi. You can then watch the videos later-on when no connection is available.

• Air Downloader
This function allows downloading over the air without any need of sync and the videos can be played offline without internet. These are stored inside the Library.

• Streaming to TV
AirPlayIt has support for Apple TV-Out so that music can be streamed to TV via iPad and iPhone. The output quality and other parameters like resolution etc. can be customized.

• HTTP Server
There is an http server inbuilt that helps accessing the music stored within or without any playlist that is on your computer via any browser.

• Accessing Remotely and via LAN
Remote server can be accessed with this iOS app. The app allows you to see your iTunes Playlist anywhere with the help of online connection.

• Support of Bonjour available.

• Apple’s Quick Time Player and VLC Media Player can be used for playing the movies.

The app was released on July 16 and comes under Top 50 of Apple App Store. Currently, AirPlayIt is only available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. However, the company is planning to launch it for Android and Windows Mobile soon.

Download AirPlayIt for iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad idevice

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