Music Control for WidgetLocker LockScreen – Phantom

Phantom is a music control widget that is developed mainly for the WidgetLocker Lock Screen but the good thing is that it can be used on the homescreen also.

Phantom hides when no track is playing on your mobile phone. It is a self-hiding music control Android widget.

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The development of this app is itself an interesting story. The developer coded it for its ease. He changed the mobile from Sense to CyanogenMod, installed Widget-Locker and set it so that it behaves like the Htc Sense Lockscreen. But when the smartphone used to be in his pants, all widgets made him start playback when he did not want them to. So in order to overcome this flaw, he made Phantom that can hide itself when no playback is active.

Phantom Features

• Integration of Widget-locker events

• Auto hiding different reveal/hide settings

• Current Track data and Volume Control elements can be removed or shown.

• Mode so that battery can be consumed minimal. In this mode, the battery is almost not consumed even a single percent.

• Available in different languages such as Dutch, Spanish, English, Russian (partially), French etc.

• Third party apps are supported. If you are a developer, just go in Widget settings and check ‘Allow 3rd party apps to control music’ and you are done to add your apps. Also note that all the players are not supported and so for placing the widget, you should hold the finger on the homescreen.

• Inclusion of 7 themes out of which 6 are graphical ones.
Music Control for WidgetLocker LockScreen

Players supported by Phantom Pro

• Google Music (only Pro)

• Double Twist

• Modded and Stock Android Music (2.3+ with Pro)

• Htc music

• Beyond Pod (only Pro)

• Music Mod

• Power Amp

• Samsung Touch Wiz

• Winamp

• Mort Player


• Miui

• Meridian

Download Phantom Pro Widget

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