App for Playing Pool on Android Phones

Billiards, Snookers, Pool is becoming famous day by day. Generally this game is considered as the rich-man’s sport. You might be playing and enjoying it in your real life. But do you want to play it on your Android smartphones as well. You can have it on your mobile with the help of an app PlayMaster Pro.
App for playing Pool on Android Phones

PlayMaster Pro has 2 modes available for playing:
1. Single Player Mode
2. VS Mode

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How To Play Pool on Android

1. VS Mode
This is the standard way of playing, which has the rules defined. There will be 2 players: One is you yourself and another would be computer. For adjusting the direction, touch the screen and drag the power-up in Right for striking. At any point, you can touch and hold for moving the Cue-ball and for confirming the Free-ball, just tap.

2. Single Player Mode
There are no rules defined in this play-mode. The object is just to pocket all the balls that are assigned. The more balls you are able to sink, the higher scores you will be able to make.

For adjusting the direction, touch the screen and drag the power-up in the Right for striking.

There’s also a time-limit. Initially, you will get 2 minutes but when you sink any ball, your account will be credited with the additional time. When all the balls are being cleared, the pool will create new balls. If you do not want to restrict yourself in any time constraints, you have a Practice Mode also. The good about PracticeMode is that it does not have any time-constraints but again the bad is that there’s also no record of any highest score.

PlayMaster Pro Features

• Stick can be moved by touching.
• There’s 9 ball and 8 ball pool.
• Ball Animation 3D.
• VS Mode :: Player versus Player/PC having some rules to play for.
• Single-Player Mode :: It has no rules. You are free to continue as you want.
It is further of types-
Practice – Play as much as you want as it has no time-limits and no highest score
Challenge – It has highest score and limit is 2 mins.

Download PoolMaster

This free app is available at Mkt.

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