Tracking Geo Location of Android Users and Lost Mobiles

Do you love anyone to the most wide extent and are always worry about him/her?

Do you want to know everytime where your that beloved person is?

Then the only solution to the above problem is that purchase him/her an Android Mobile 🙂

Yes, you can then install the app WRU (Where Are You) in it. WRU is an app that helps to know the geo location of the person which has this app installed on his/her mobile phone.

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WRU Personal GPS Tracker working

First Method: When the sender didn’t want the receiver to know that he is tracking him
1. Install WRU in your son’s or friend’s handset.

2. When you want to know her/his location, sms her/him with ‘wru’ or ‘wru-t’.

3. Once the receiving person’s set will receive that Sms, a new sms would be auto-generated and will arrive on sender’s smartphone.

4. It will contain the coordinates of your friend’s location.

5. If you have also installed WRU then you can open the google maps from within it and the location would be visible in your mobile.

6. If you have not installed it then open the Google Maps official website and type in the received coordinates there. Please make sure that you enter the exact co-ordinates along with the comma. For example: 37.678765, 57.674521

Second Method: When the sender wants to tell the receiver where he is
1. Sender should enter the cell number that you want to send your location information.

2. Press ‘WRU-T’ or ‘WRU’.

3. Your location information would now be received by the desired number.

4. Please note that when you are starting this service by ‘wru-t’ by your own, then the receiver will get one sms every one mile as you move. One mile is by default set in the application. In this way, you end bombarding the receiver mobile with tons of messages. However, if you do not move, then no message will be sent.

5. To stop this service, sender should press ‘Stop’ or need to send ‘stop’.

6. If you have initiated this service with ‘wru’ then your location is sent once or maximum of two times and there’s no need of manually stopping it.

Tracking Geo Location of Android Users
WRU Android App

Personal GPS Tracker WRU features

1. Consumes less memory as the service does not start on its own. It only runs when needed.

2. You need not to worry of your security as only your knowers will be able to see your present place.

3. It helps to track your lost mobile as say you have lost the handset then you just need another smartphone. Send the required message to it and you will detect where it is.

4. Parents can track their children of what they do and where they go 🙂

5. Wives can keep an eye on their husbands 24 hours and all 7 days as now you know where your lover is and with whom 🙂

6. It adds an extra security layer in case when someone meets an accident and no-one is near. The victim can call his family members and dear ones and can avail the help easily without need of worrying.

Download Where Are You Android App

It can be downloaded from Market

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