Android Game to play Sudoku on Mobile Phones

Many of you might like solving puzzles on newspaper or magazines. After giving up with such papers, you might have started playing the sudoku game on your computer. And now the time has arrived when you should say good-bye to these pc games also as now the era of mobile has arrived.

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All you need an Android smartphone and if you own it then you can install the app AI factory’s SudokuFree on it. It contains the junk of puzzles that you can play and have a good timepass both for you and for your cell-phone.

The app is available in two versions – one free and the other as paid. The free version of this Android game has ads and the paid is ad-free. It works for Tablets as well as phones.

It is easy to play and if you feel uncomfortable playing it, you will get hints also and which are optional. If you do not want to avail this help, you can reject it also.
Android Game to play Sudoku on Mobiles

Sudoku Free Features

• 500 Sudoku puzzles to play

• Games are as per level wise, ranging from for very novice users to very advanced, the levels range from easy to extremely tough.

• Tracking of statistics including the fast and average times.

• When you cross one level, it will be shown and you will know the percentage of completion.

• User Friendly Interface

• Help that is optional if you want to avail it.

• Different fonts that can be used as per the desires.

• If you want to revert to old stage, you can use Undo.

• Appealing Graphics and colors used.

• Phone and Tablet support.

Download Sudoku Android game

The app game is available at Mkt.

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