Painting, Sketching and Image Editing App for Android – Fresco

seanw has developed and released its Android app for the purposes of painting and editing images on the smart phones running this Google os.

The app by the name Fresco has everything you need to paint. It has filters and layers too. While developing, it has been taken care so that it can serve the purposes for both normal and advanced users. It will let you creating the art on either your tablet or mobile device.

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The painting tool has many types of filters and brushes. It supports the layers very well.

There are two types of this Image Editing tool:
o Lite
o Pro

The lite type is free and can be installed with just one click on download button whereas the pro one is paid and costs you around $2.

The paid version has some extra features and is ad-free, while the free one will let you see some disturbing ads.
Painting and Image Editing Android App

Below are the extra features that you will be able to experience in paid version:
1. It is free of any types of ads.

2. The number of filters is 21, as compared to 2 in the lite one.

3. It also allows you exporting to .psd format (Adobe Photoshop format).

4. The count of layers is 4 while lite has 2 layers.

5. You can do Brush spacing setting.

Fresco Android App Features

• The effects can be adjusted as desired using the sharpen, noise and blur filters.

• The colors of images can be adjusted with using saturation and brightness filters.

• Re-ordering of the layers. Also, they can be added, merged, hidden, shown and duplicated.

• Alteration of Layer-Opacity.

• Zoom.

• Transformation of the layers by rotating, moving, scaling and mirroring.

• Whenever you edit an already created painting, it is saved automatically using the inbuilt auto-save capability.

• The coding has been optimized so that it runs fastly.

• The paintings and pictures created can be uploaded to social networking channels like Twitter, Facebook etc. and you can impress your all friends.

• If while making or editing any photo, something wrong happens then the photo can be altered using Undo.

• You can save the pictures that you create on the phone’s sd card but you have to allow it to do so. It will ask your permissions for this and you need to authorize it to do so.

• If you want to send the crashing reports then you need to allow it communicate via the internet.

It needs Android2.1 or higher.

Download Fresco Photoshop Android app

Download from (Market)

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