Android Writer Apps

Best Android Apps for Writers

Android has always developed the apps by keeping in mind the needs of every person. Android has developed some apps which have been considered best writhing apps in market. Writing is the beautiful job and writers are having the great respect in a society because they used to give new thinking to people with their beautifully written material.  With the help of these apps android users can freely do their writing tasks. Besides that they will also feel comfortable in chatting, writing an email and anything related to writing. There are also some apps available with the help of which you can find the meanings of some difficult wordings used in your writings.

Android Writer Apps
Android Writer Apps


This app seems so little in its operation but this app is considered best for the android users. With the help of this app android users can easily connect with all of their Facebook friends and even they can also send automatic tweets through their twitter account. With the help of this app they can upload status, photos, can enjoy real time chat and many things through their smart phone.

Astrid Task/To-Do List:

This app is very much helpful in setting your daily routines. With the help of this app you can easily make up the list of your daily tasks and can also set reminders about the tasks you have to do throughout the day.


This app works like as Wikipedia for your android smart phone. With the help of this app you can easily do as you do on Wikipedia. You can easily search articles, browse, view pages and events. This app even allows you to view Wikipedia articles on your smart phone.


This dictionary app is very important app and everyone tries to keep this app as their helping dictionary always in their pockets. With the help of this app users can search for synonyms as well as antonyms of any difficult words. This dictionary explains the word in such a beautiful way that everybody can easily get its meaning and understanding.

Voice Recorder:

This app is used to record audio files and save these files on your SD card of your smart phone. With this app users can easily send these files as an email attachment via Gmail. Users can also set these recordings as their ringtones.

Urban Dictionary:

This amazing app provides the detailed definitions of all the terms you have listened in college or from your friends. This app works as a great helping material for students.

 Best Wisdom Quotes-Lite:

Quotation is the best thing in order to beautify your article. Just one quotation can amplify the beauty of written material in your article. This app contains 3000 quotes of famous thinkers and leaders in history that includes Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle, Gandhi, Einstein and many more.



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