Pirated Windows 7 users: Beware of Microsoft new update

Microsoft is soon going to release a new update (KB971033) for its recently launched Windows7. This update in the way is meaningful for Microsoft and to users using Hacked win7 on their systems. KB971033 will check the Windows Genuineness and if windows would be found non-genuine, it will prompt users to get Licensed version from official Microsoft website else the user will lack numerous new major features. The customized, colorful, new and rich wallpaper also will turn into old plain one

The official blog says that this Activation Technology Update for Windows7 is so effective that it can detect a large number of exploits and cracks. The number of exploits and cracks that can be detected by this update is something around 70.

It is to be noted that as Microsoft released this much hyped operating system, the hackers made their eyes on it and they soon invented its crack.

With this KB971033, the company has full hopes that it will catch all such hacks and will detect the non-licensed copy.

So, it is a matter of worry for the users who are using non-genuine copies on their desktops and laptops. Isn’t it? No, because we are with you and that too always 🙂

Yes, we are suggesting you the way by which you can bypass this major update. And don’t worry, its very simple. Just Turn off the Windows Updates.

For turning off the updates, follow below steps:

How to Turn Off Windows Updates

  1. Go to your system’s Control Panel.
  2. From right-hand top icon, select ‘View by: Small icons’.
  3. Click on ‘Windows Update’
  4. On left-hand side, you will see ‘Change settings’. Click on that.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Never check for updates and not-recommended’.
  6. You will see some check-boxes below. Check or uncheck them, doesn’t matter. You can leave them as it is.
  7. Click below ‘Ok’ button.
  8. You are now safe 🙂

Note: If you are using Genuine Microsoft Windows, you need not to worry. Update will be installed in background and you can carry on with your normal work.


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