Should Comments open in same window or different windows

If you own a WordPress blog then sometimes you might have thought whether the comments on your blog should open in new window or should they take the same window?

By default, if you are using WordPress, your comments are going to take your same browser window. And it can prove costly to you as in the end; you lose your visitor leaving your website.

The commentator reads your wonderful article. He likes it and makes a good comment on it, which is acceptable and also good as if you are going to comment below on my article, I will love you J . But when any new visitor visits your site, reads the comments, likes any one comment or the gravatar of commentator and then he/she clicks on the commentator url and the click on that link takes him/her away from your own website. Your commentator takes the whole benefit of commenting on your site. Isn’t it disgusting? Yes, it is.

The commentator should get love from any blogger for commenting on the blog but wouldn’t it be good if both takes 50-50% credit each. That’s really good. So what to do for this? Simple, allow the comments to take a new window. In this way, visitor will be on both the sites.

What you guys think about this?

But how to open comments in new window in WordPress?

Be ready for the next post for getting the answer.

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