Download Antilogger Zemana Serial free (valid for 3 years)

A month back I posted to get Zemana Antilogger for free. In case someone missed that, I am again offering here anti-logger software Zemana license for free. The plus point regarding this offering is that this time the activation key would be valid for 3 years, instead of some months or 1 year.

Cyber attackers and Hackers generally use logging softwares and log all your important events including your passwords. Your all the login credentials, that can be of your bank accounts, can be of your personal emailids etc. can be grabbed by these hackers.

Antilogger software breaks such logs and your personal information is saved in going in wrong hands. Zemana Antilogger is one of the antilogging-software.

Zemana AntiLogger Free Serial – Download

How to get Zemana antilogger serial key valid for 3 years? — Just follow below steps:
*Visit this promotional page for Zemana.
*The page is in German. But you need not to worry if you don’t know German language. We also don’t know J . But just look at the below picture. Fill the details as per below image. Make sure that the details are accurate with valid email address.

Zemana Antilogger Serial

Shortly, you will get an email with 3 years zemana tool serial key in it.

*Download Zemana . Install it and activate it with the key received in the mail.

Zemana Anti-Logger works well with Windows XP / Vista / 7 (only 32 bit).


  1. I just get it in my toolbox. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Great give away. Thanks for sharing this cool free anti-keylogger!

  3. Thanks for this! The process still works, but the license is for only one year now. 🙂

  4. Nice giveaway.Thanks and looking for more freebies.

  5. Looks like they have stopped giving this away. Could you please verify?

  6. Oi Galera! Funciona mesmo!

    Thanks for this! I´m very happy, and i recive the serial for a one year service of that Antikeylogger. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’m too late xd

  8. Oh, i translated to german text.
    It says that you have to wait for an hour, ok i will do that 😛

  9. Okay, i tried it and it says that i put a wrong key into it..

  10. This code is not for this region (US), the code given is not accepted. You should make readers aware that this is only for Germany so they don’t waste their time installing/uninstalling several times (I had a newer version already installed), particularly as how your post is written in English.

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