Removing Keyguard Password Lock on Android Exchange synchronizing

Whenever you have a need to synchronize your Motorola, HTC or Froyo Android phone with Exchange then the chances are that your device is locked with the password. And you have to enter the password each time you want to unlock your mobile phone. This appears very irritating and time-consuming.

It would be best if we can use the Android Unlock Pattern instead of this Keyguard Password Lock which will save us from this cumbersome task. This Pattern allows you to use your unlock screen everytime.

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Remove Keyguard Password Lock on Android 2.1

If your Android version is 2.1 then follow below steps according to your phone model.

Download apk

For HTC Sense
1. Download the apk fom above link and install it.

2. You will see various modes form which you can choose any one:
Password Enabled
Password Disabled
Lockpattern Enabled

3. Click on Save.

4. If you have selected the Lockpattern enabled then follow below steps upto Step number 7.

5. click on the ‘Set Lock-Pattern’.

6. Change the pattern.

7. Click ‘Done setting LockPattern’.

For Motorola Milestone
1. First root your phone. You can search our database or web and can follow any tutorial for this.

2. You need sqlite3 binary.

3. Boot your mobile into recovery.

4. Make sure that your SD card is mounted.

5. Open Command Prompt window.

6. Run ‘adb shell’.

7. Now type below commands one by one:

mount -o remount,rw /dev/system/mtdblock6 /system
cp /sdcard/sqlite3 /system/xbin/sqlite3
chmod 755 /system/xbin/sqlite3
chown /system/xbin/sqlite3

8. Download the apk from above download link.

9. Choose any mode to enable or disable password.

10. If you select the Lock-Pattern then you need to change it. After changing, click Done as explained above for HTC Sense.

11. Please note that if the apk fails to do the required then probably the sqlite3 binary file is what is causing the issue. When this occurs, you need to install another Rom with sqlite3 binary and busybox installed.

Keyguard Password Lock on Android

Remove Keyguard Password Lock on Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread

If your Android version is 2.2 or 2.3 then follow the instructions below as per the model of your phone.

1. Your mobile must be rooted. It is mandatory to replace the original email app with patched one. The email apps are on /system/app.

2. You must have JRE installed on your wndows computer.

3. Make sure you have set proper path and classpath of Java.

4. Download Froyo Unlocker.

5. Unzip Froyo Unlocker zipped file.

6. Now you need to pull the apk that need to be patched from your ROM and move it to “put_apk_here” folder.

7. Double click FroyoMailUnlocker exe file.

8. Push the apk that you have just placed in “put_apk_here” folder to the root of SD card.

9. Boot the device in recovery.

10. Open command prompt with ‘adb shell’.

11. Enter the below commands:

mount /system
mount /sdcard

For AOSP users
If you are a user of AOSP then follow steps 12 to 14

12. Enter the command

cp /sdcard/Email.apk /system/app/

13. Reboot your mobile device.

14. Finally, you need to setup your account for Exchange.

For HTC Sense smartphones
If you own HTC sense, go below:

15. Type command

cp /sdcard/Mail.apk /system/app/

16. Reboot your mobile phone.

17. Set your account for Exchange.

18. Accept the policy.

19. Set the PinCode.

20. Go to Settings –> Security –> Device Administrator

21. Remove the Device Administrator.

22. If you see any warning messages regarding wiping of your Exxchange account then feel free to accept them.

23. In Security, disable the Screen-Lock.

24. Enjoy the without any policy HTC Sense on Froyo handset.

For HTC Owners
If you are not using the lockscreen of HTC then you can disable the password-lock. But please make sure that you not enable it, else your phone will be erroneous condition. The framework of HTC tries to configure the lockscreen and since you disabled it once, the screen would not be available. You can lose your handset to boot. If bychance you have done it then also we have a solution for you.

Boot into recovery and enter below commands from the adb shell

mount /system
mount /data
sqlite3 /data/data/
update system set value=’0′ where name=’lockscreen.lockexchange.enable’;

Reboot your mobile phone.

All supports at xda link


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