[How To] Save 20 MB+ RAM on LG Optimus 2X

If you own a LG Optimus 2X then you might have experiencing the tedious ‘Software Update’ function on your device from time to time. The problem is that if you close it then it restarts automatically after some time. Not only this, another but I would say the most annoying property of it is that it eats your phone’s 20 MB RAM.

However, if you plan to simply remove the application’s package OmaDmclient.apk to get your 20 MB RAM back, then it will get on your nerves as this will cause a problem with your Settings. The smartphone’s Settings and About menus will close then forcefully. You get the RAM back but you face an annoying consequence.

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Saving 20MB RAM on Lg Optimus 2X

There seems no way for you to get the ram back. But here’s a solution for you as discovered by XDA guy djmcnz. And also the method is very simple. All that you have to do is to just install an update on your mobile and then you can easily remove the annoying OTA client app without any negative consequences.

Saving 20 MB RAM on LG Optimus 2X & Killing OmaDmclient apk Permanently

First Method:
1. Make a backup of your device to be on safer side, if something goes wrong.

2. Download LG P990 OTA Client Eater update.zip

3. Copy the above file to the root of your SD card.

4. Reboot the mobile into Recovery Mode.

5. Select to install from SD card.

6. Select the update zip file (downloaded in Step2).

7. Install it.

8. This will remove the LG OTA Client and will install the new Settings required by your smartphone.

Second Method:
1. Download Settings No OTA Client.apk
2. Move the above file to your mobile.

3. Remove the OmaDmclient.apk from /system/app/

4. Rename the file downloaded in Step 1 to Settings.apk

5. Replace it with the one already in /system/app/

6. Check the Settings and About Phone to ensure that they are not closing forcefully.

Please note that the above guide is for Optimus 2X only. Don’t try it on G2X etc.

All assistance head over to xda app thread


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