How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer and iTunes

All iPod owners often need to transfer music and songs from their idevices to either iTunes or to their computers. For this, they always try to find new ways and new tricks.

Here, we are letting you know the software that does this cumbersome task easily for you. You just need to install this software and run. The rest work would be done by it.

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TouchCopy from Wide Angle Software lets you to transfer the audios and videos from iDevices like iPhone, iPod and iPad to your computer. If you want, you can also save the music files on your iTunes Library instead of your pc.

See, below screenshot when I used this product to save the songs from my Shuffle to my system. There are various options available by which you can organize the files during downloading. For Example: If you want to save Artist wise or Album Wise etc.
Transfer music from iPod to pc

TouchCopy Features

• Transfer the songs stored on iDevices to your Windows computer or Mac.

• Playlists, Podcasts, Ringtones etc. can also be copied.

• The product works with almost all iOS devices.

• The audios and videos to iTunes Library can also be copied.

• The data transferred will contain all data i.e., Ratings, Play Count, Album Name, Artist Name etc.

• Photos stored on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can also be viewed or copied.

• You can take the videos from your iPhone and upload them directly to Video Uploading Website Youtube. This works only for PC version.

• iBooks stored on iPhone, iPad or iPod can be transferred to i-Tunes.

• The .pdf files in iBooks can be read on the Windows computer.

• The apps and the documents can be copied from iOS devices to i-Tunes. This works only for the PC Version.

• If you own iPhone and some of your good friends have sent you some interesting SMSes and MMSes and you want to keep them on your PC’s hard disk forever then you can do this by TouchCopy.

• Helps in managing the contacts on iOS devices.

• Manage Calendar Events.

• Helps in managing Notes on iDevices.

• Helps in Viewing and Playing Voice Mails from iphone to Mac or pc.

• You can search for your favourite songs on your iPod Touch. Then you can save the search results in the form of a playlist.

• It helps your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to act as an external hard disk. You can store any useful information and take it anywhere you want. Thus, you don’t need any pen drive or any hard disk.

• If you don’t have Apple-iTunes installed on any system then also you can play the songs on your iPod with this product.

• All videos and audio files can be backed up with just a button click.

• Recorded Voice Memos can be played.

So, by downloading and using Touch-Copy, you all now know – How to transfer music from iPod to iTunes

The trial version gives you 100 tries and the paid one will cost you 15 pounds.

You can see the below video describing the usage

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