Calibrating Android Mobile Phone Battery without Downtime

Sometime back I posted on Battery Calibration for Android mobiles. That method was very simple and you need to install just an apk that I have provided to download.

This time I am also providing you the way to Calibrate the battery but this time there are manual instructions instead of any apk. Also, this method has been tested on Motorola Milestone mobile phone. And it should also work with Droid. But for other phones, you can just try and let me know too.

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Steps of Calibrating
1. Plug in your mobile and charge it fully.

2. Do not unplug the phone.

3. Make sure that the device is not hot.

4. Delete the /data/system/batterystats.bin

5. Remove the back-cover.

6. Press Power

7. Select to reboot normally.

8. When the screen of phone becomes black and the lights are gone, remove the battery. Make sure you do this before appearing of M-Logo.

9. You will see that the device will boot without battery.

10. Please note that when you see M-Logo, the batterystats.bin would be created again, even though the device doesn’t have the battery inserted.

11. If the device does not boot up successfully, you see battery with ?. Place the battery back at this point. You will see now 60%. Power off the mobile by pressing power till LED light stops. Press Power till M-logo is visible and power-on it. Remove the battery and watch the boot-animation now.

12. If the device boots successfully, you will notice the Lock-screen along with ‘No Signal’ and ‘No Sim card error’. Put the battery back into the device. The Sim card error will wipe off and you will see the signal with 60% full and the icon will show you that the battery is charging. If all works well, go to Step 13. [Please note that if this doesn’t work as mentioned, start again from Step 5. During boot-animation, put the battery back inside the device but after the vibration and the buttons along the bottom light up. You all know that during normal rebooting, the mobile can be unlocked and slided when there is vibration while boot-animation].

13. While the battery is calibrated, you can use your smartphone like normal.

14. Wait till it fills to 100%.

15. Wait for 15-20 minutes.

16. The battery will be cool when charging is complete.

17. If the smartphone is hot then you can see some problems. Eg., your mobile will not charge or you will get no signal when the battery is put back inside the cover. So let the smartphone cool enough and it will be ok.

18. The developer’s Motorola Milestone showed 4196 mV at 100% fully charged.

Please make sure that the batterystats.bin creates every time you plug-unplug the device. So, don’t do this and let it to recreate on M-logo itself in Step 10.

Calibrating Android Battery without Downtime


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