Adding Battery History Back to Gingerbread

If you own an Android smartphone running Gingerbread in it then you might be experiencing the missing Wakelock stats in it. If you are unfamiliar with this term then please know that Wake Locks are used by the services and applications to request the CPU resources. There are many types of wakelocks which have their own function and does their own job.

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In Gingerbread, you miss the Battery History that Spare Parts called on the Froyo. But chamonix of xda has developed a solution for this lost feature. He has developed BetterBatteryStats apk file that brings this lost functionality again. As per the developer, the apk is just calling and using the batteryinfo Android service to retrieve the data and as such you need not to worry of any overhead generated on your mobile phones.

In Android world, one of the most discussed topics is Battery Life and Drainage. When you use your mobile, some battery will be consumed but when you are not using it; the drainage should be very slow. Here, comes the need for BetterBatteryStats.
Adding Battery History to Gingerbread

The apk has been tested on SGSII by the coder and he found that his handset now drains at 2-10 mAh while it drained at 20-100 mAh when he was not cleaning the unused stuffs.

Please note that it does not replace the Spare Parts as it does not call the but instead you will see a fresh new icon and you will find the phone’s stats there.

BetterBatteryStats has been found working on HoneyComb, Gingerbread and Froyo Smartphones.

Some Usage Stats of the App
• Process and Wake Lock Stats with CPU Time

• Awake

• Phone On

• Screen On

• Wi-Fi running Ratios

• Wi Fi On

The app is work in progress and might be containing some bugs. Although the coder is fixing when he finds any but then also if you encounter any, you may comment below and report it.

Download Battery Stats Battery Drainage apk

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