How to switch Gps on Android and Install non-ROM Apps – Bloater

roman from rootzwiki has coded an Android app by the name Bloater that can help the users setting their smartphone after you have flashed the new Rom. If your current Rom does not have some apps that you want to be installed on your handset then that can be done easily with this Bloater app.

The app is more of a developer-driven which means that any developer can have a category for posting their self apps.

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If you are a Rom Dev and want your Rom to include this apk then you can easily do this. The coder of this Bloater apk has also posted its xml file on its website. You just make your own xml and send your link to roman so that he can integrate it.
The xml file is a simple one, with the root, the categories and the items.

Bloater app Features

1. There are two buttons – ‘Install’, ‘Download’. Clicking the ‘Download’ will download the file to your mobile’s /sdcard/bloater folder. And clicking the ‘Install’ will start installing the application.

2. Flash. Flashing is still in progress and would be completed soon.

3. You can also assign a file to download and can make to stay on the system, after the user selects removing it. This can be used during Wi-Fi Calling, where the system libs need to be replaced with the new ones but you don’t want them to remove.

4. If you experience the GPS issues then you can use this app as it allows you selecting your area so that you can get the best results. See the below picture. Clicking the Uninstall will delete your current gps.conf. So, make sure to take its backup if you don’t want to lose it. After un-installing, you can install the config file according to your location. The correct xml would be downloaded and would be placed in the appropriate directory. The required permissions will also set by own.

Switching Gps on Android - Bloater

You will see one Un-Install button in front of each config file but it doesn’t mean all of these are installed. Only one is been installed on your Android mobile. All the buttons are showing same text, which means that you need to remove your current gps.conf file. And when you select, all buttons will show as ‘Install’ and clicking anyone will install on your desired region. But I would say this creates confusion and the maker should try to make it more user-friendly. Atleast, some indicator or marker should be there to avoid any sorts of confusion.

Install and Download buttons

Not Working

Bloater apk Download

The current version 0.72 of bloater apk can be downloaded from above link. Please comment below if you want it in email.

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