How to create GoldCard

The Goldcard is special type of Sd card which allows in flashing Ruu files with different Cid to your own phone. Consider you have a T-Mobile device branded then you can flash the generic Rom with this goldcard.

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So, we are going to describe here the way by which you can create a gold-card.

• Computer with windows operating system

• Adb tool for entering the commands that would be used in this process.

• A microSD card.

• A Mobile Device.

• Hxd Hex Editor that you can download from here. Install it on your computer.

Instructions for creating goldcard

Please refer the step-by-step below instructions:
1. Insert the card into your smartphone and boot it.

2. Go to Settings –> SD card & phone storage and click ‘Unmount SD card’ as in below figure:
How to create GoldCard

3. After unmounting, click on ‘Format Sd card’. Make sure that formatting will erase all your data.

4. Open command prompt window and type as shown below:
adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

5. You will see a long key on your command prompt screen, similar to as :: 532600be227d9c0437512407514d5402

6. Go to hexrev and paste the above key into the text-box.

7. Hit Enter key and click Submit button.

8. The site will generate a reverse key. For example, we got 00544d5107245137049c7d22be002653.

9. Go to psas and paste the above reversed key into the text-box and click ‘Generate Gold card image’ button. You will get your goldcard in the email. Save it on your desktop.

10. Take Sd card from your mobile and put it into the Sd Adapter which came with it. Then attach it with your pc so that the computer recognizes it as Removable Disk.

11. Open Hxd hex Editor.

12. Go to ‘Extra’ menu.

13. Select ‘Open Disk’.

14. Under the ‘Physical Disk’, select the ‘Removable Disk’ (this is your card).

15. Uncheck the ‘Open as Read-Only’.

16. Click Ok.

17. Again go to Extra menu.

18. Select ‘Open Disk Image’.

19. Open goldcard.img that you got in the email.

20. You will see 2 tabs now: One of removable disk (your sd card) and other is goldcard.img tab.

21. When it will prompt for ‘Sector Size’ (selecting the 512 (Hard disks/Floppy disks)), click Ok.

22. Click on the goldcard image tab.

23. Go to Edit menu, choose Select All.

24. Select Edit again and select Copy.

25. Click on Removable Disk again.

26. Select offset line 00000000 to offset line 00000170. Please make sure that you include 00000170.

27. Click Edit and then select ‘Paste Write’.

28. Save it by going to File –> Save. Accept the warning if any.

29. Close the Hex Editor.

30. You will now have a Goldcard.


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