Booting Ubuntu Natively on HTC Desire HD – Tutorial Instructions

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Some times back, we shared the tutorial guide to boot Ubuntu on the below smartphones:

Installing on Google Nexus S

Today, we are going here to show you the instructions to install and boot Ubuntu operating system on HTC Desire HD. The special thing about this guide is that it is about booting ubuntu natively on the phone, i.e., without Android and chroot running simultaneously.

Boot Ubuntu Natively on HTC DHD

Ubuntu on HTC DHD

Installing & Booting Ubuntu on HTC DHD

1. Download Ubuntu4dhd rar file and extract the contents.

2. Download easy-to-use zip file and extract its contents.

3. From ubuntu4Dhd file, place the linux folder to the root of your phone’s Sd card.

4. Place easytouse folder to your Windows computer.

5. Bring your Desire HD into the bootloader mode.

6. Connect your smartphone to the computer.

7. Click twice on Start here.bat file

8. Type the below command
fastboot boot boot.img

9. Restart the mobile.

10. After restart, your old ROM will start.

Modifying rootfs on your computer or Virtual Box
• mkdir /ubuntuDHD
• sudo mount -t ext2 -o loop /path/to/rootfs /ubuntuDHD
• rootfs is now mounted under the /ubuntuDHD and now it can be modified as root.
• umount /ubuntuDHD

Dual Booting
1. Download 2 different cwm’s from Rom Manager

2. Open clockworkmod folder on the Sd card.

3. Search for old recovery version number. You will see an image file in it.

4. Copy boot.img from Ubuntu4dhd.rar into it.

5. Rename the boot.img to the recovery image filename and delete the old recovery.

6. When you will select the old recovery from Rom Manager, it will automatically flash the ubuntu boot image.

7. Booting into Recovery will now boot Ubuntu on your smartphone.

8. Please note that if you want to revert to cwm, select and flash the new cwm version with the Rom manager.

• Usb
• Hard and Soft Keys
• Firefox
• Volume

• Touch-Screen which works as Touchpad.
• Incoming of calls
• 2-Finger Scrolling.
• Adb
• Right clicking
• Sms
• Wi-fi
• Windows Dragging

For any help, head to xda app.



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