Download Gingerbread Keyboard on all Android phones without Root

XDA developer hotaru has released the Gingerbread keyboard as an apk file that you can install on your phones. The good thing is firstly that it is an apk file that can be installed with just one-click and secondly that the keyboard does not need your smartphone as rooted. It works for devices having root or non-root.

You will like this Gingerbread keyboard as you will be able to type the symbols and numbers much faster than that of any other traditional one.

The other good thing is that there’s no need of any flashing etc. You just download the apk file, install it and you are ready to go for typing. Install and all done. Type and see if you see any difference.

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It works on Android 2.1 or + devices. Also, since the package name is different, so it can be installed along with the normal key-board on your smart-phone.

It also includes the dictionaries of CZ, DE, PT, FI, NB, RU, CS, BG, DA, ES, FR, EN, IT, FR, PL, SV, SL and NL. The developer asks to remove the dictionaries of the language that you don’t need.

Gingerbread Keyboard Download
Gingerbread Keyboard

As per initial release, some users using Samsung and Motorola handsets reported issues but they all are being fixed now. There was also an issue regarding the words replacement and that has also been now resolved.

Downloading Gingerbread Keyboard apk

1. You can download the file from these links Froyo or for Éclair – 2.1

2. Install as you do for other apks.

3. Open ‘Settings’.

4. Go to ‘Language and Keyboard’ and check the check-box corresponding to ‘GingerbreadKeyboard’.

5. Now, you can test it by selecting the text box. Long-press it till you get ‘Select Input Method’ option. From the list, choose the desired input method.

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