Enjoy The Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0 to 4.0.2) operating system was launched after Honeycomb 3.2 by Android. Marked improvements in the new system have been observed with this upgrade.

The Ice Cream Sandwich operating system is a refined yet simple and easy to use platform which provides ease of access and complete freedom of modifications to users. Android is famous for providing state of the art customizable home screens with beautiful backgrounds. Ice cream sandwich continues the tradition.

The resizable widgets can be set on the home screen and can be easily accessed whenever needed. The top bar provides a quick and user friendly method to get complete access to all the notifications at a time, all in one place. This arrangement makes emails, mms and sms all available in the same notification bar. Also available in this notification bar is the time, the battery meter, network signal indicator and phone’s current mode such as loud or silent.

Android developers have created further ease for their users by providing the home screen folder option by using which one can easily place all items of a single kind in one folder so one doesn’t have to search all the way around for finding the right item at the right time.

For providing further ease yet keeping the safety of the users, the new system provides additional options that can be performed even when the screen is locked. Arranging the music and getting access to the camera are some of the features that can be used even in the locked state of the phone.

The best feature that the new Android operating system presents is the option to clear notifications and kill apps just with the swipe of a finger. Do it once and the undesired app is gone. Now you don’t need to use the task manager all the way around. The new feature is there to assist you in this regard.

The spell checking on the newer version of Android shows marked improvements and so does the suggestions option. The screen now is more receptive and the text input methods have improved drastically. The email  feature has become more powerful too.

New colourful graphs depicting data usage on the mobile network and on wifi present an easy way to keep track of how much money you are spending on your data network. Improved features are offered to control and even stop the mobile data completely.

The camera capability has also seen a huge improvement in this new system. The best feature in this category is the ability of the new cell phones to take snapshots while capturing videos if the users double tap the screen.

Screenshot sharing which was available on the previous Android versions is available here too and improvements have been seen in the gallery which has been completely redesigned by Android.

A new security related option has been introduced which is the face recognition unlock option which provides further ease to the users while keeping the entire data safe.

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