[How To] Root G2X Smartphones on Linux and Mac

Just after a day when G2X T-Mobile was released, it stood rooted. We already shared a tutorial on this. But that hack needs you to have Windows computer.

For rooting G2X on Windows Computer, follow here

But what if you don’t have Windows. So, here we are presenting the instructions for you to root the mobile if you have Linux or Mac OS X installed.

Rooting G2X on Mac & Linux – Instructions

1. Download the G2xRootMacLinux_v0.5.zip file from here. (Comment here if you want the file as an email attachment from us).

2. On your phone, Go to Settings –> Applications –> Development and Enable USB Debugging.

3. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

4. Extract the file that you downloaded in Step 1. You will see a file named root.command. If you are using Linux, run it like any shell script and if you have Mac, double-click this file.

5. Wait for the script to finish.

6. Your smartphone will reboot after script finishes.

7. Your device is now rooted.

Incase, you want to unroot the phone again, click unroot.command instead of root.command and follow the above instructions from Step 4 onwards.

This hack is made possible by jnichols959 of XDA. He done it 4 days before but the root file was having some bugs. So, we waited till that fix so that you never get in any trouble. Thanks to us 🙂 .



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