[How To] Fix Skype and other Audio Issues on Atrix 4G

Audio Apps on Motorola Atrix generally crashes and many users are reporting the issues and looking for a solution. But thanks to XDA member eval, who is able to find the solution to this problem.

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So, here are the step-by-step instructions:
1. Download libaudio and libaudio-recover zip files from below XDA link (link at bottom of this post). If you cannot download the files, please share this post on Twitter / Facebook and comment here with shared urls and we will email the files to you.

2. Extract the contents of files on your desktop.

3. Enter the following commands on the command prompt.

adb push libaudio.so /data/local/tmp
adb shell, su, "mount -o remount,rw /dev/null /system"
"cp /system/lib/libaudio.so /system/lib/libaudio.so.orig"
"cp /data/local/tmp/libaudio.so /system/lib/"
"chown 0 /system/lib/libaudio.so"
"chgrp 0 /system/lib/libaudio.so"
"chmod 0644 /system/lib/libaudio.so"

4. You have your audio apps on your phone 🙂

Though the hacker warns as he has tested this hack only on his AT&T 1.5.7 and if something goes wrong, your device can hang on boot. So, to be on safer side, install Tenfar’s CWM first.

Confirmed Working Apps

  • Skype
  • Nimbuzz
  • Fring
  • Evernote
  • AudioTool

Not-Working Apps

  • SipDroid



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