Google Drive, Your Perfect Storage Companion

With the ever increasing data of all the mobile users worldwide, people have started facing difficulty in storing their important documents, files, videos and pictures. Although the newer versions of the Android devices feature quite a handsome amount of space, yet there comes a point when it also gets filled up and the bottle neck then forces the users to think of alternate ways to preserve their data at a reliable source.

Google has worked on this quite well and taking the problems of the users into consideration, have come up with their own mass storage disk like app that they have named as the Google Drive. The app is available on the Google Play Store and features a handsome 5GB data space per Google account.

This Android app is magnificent, I must say. It’s fast and secure. The ‘make available offline’ option in the app provides further assistance. Using this feature the users may select any particular file they find important and consider that they might need it when the data connection or the wifi is unavailable. Once any such file has been made available, it appears in a separate section known as the ‘Available Offline’. On opening this folder all such items can be found and accessed using the device anywhere at any time it is needed.

The wide range of supported file formats is the upper edge of Google Drive over all other similar apps available in the market. It has the potential to store almost anything that has a size within 5 GB, let it be photos, videos or pdf format files. The Google Drive also allows people to share their data with other Google Drive users. All that is needed is that the data be made available to the specific person that you want it to be accessible to.

Another facility that the Google Drive features is the online play format option that increases the ease for its users. It is a feature that was being missed by many users in some other online drives, however the Google Drive provides complete freedom in this regard.


A recent update has been provided by Google for its drive after which the app features a marked improvement in its graphics and overall general appearance. The icons have become trendier and better looking and the uploading and downloading speed has also seen a marked improvement.

Google however still needs to work on its drive to make it the best in the market. There are certain flaws, the primary one being the inability to provide the offline mode data in time. It has happened many a times with me that the data that I had made available for offline use couldn’t help me in satisfying my needs because the drive doesn’t have a regular update procedure and sometimes when you need your offline data, it informs you that it is not available and then you have to go through a tiresome drill.

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