Author: Hamza Naveed

Come To Know About Your Weather Conditions

Overview Of 1 Weather Present in the Google Play Store the app 1 Weather from One Louder is a perfect software that is always ready to inform its users about the weather conditions present today and even in the next few days, just select the city about which you want […]

Contact your dears with Skype on Android

With the advancement of the technological world, the distances have grown shorter and people now enjoy talks and conferences with their loved ones who reside hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. The latest technology gadgets and the perfectly crafted softwares for this purpose have been serving the human race for […]

Relieve Your Devices a Bit with Clean Master

All the smart phones face the same problem these days. No matter how much storage memory they have and how much RAM and ROM resides inside the gadget, the problem of slow processing and excessive overloading always haunts the users of these huge screened gigantic devices. The mammoths thus need […]

A Video Player That Knows Your Needs

The world is progressing by leaps and bounds and the formats now available for video playback are way too many, similar is the case with the audio files. The number of formats in both of these categories combined has now exceeded at least 20. The hassle for the users however […]

Text In Style

The world is now literally a social unit in which no one is isolated from his loved ones due to the many advancements and remarkable technologies that have appeared in the recent years. All these combined, have turned the whole world into a global village sort of a thing. A […]

Surf Without Restrictions

The internet is a very vast source of information and entertainment for all. It has something for everyone and the infotainment provided by it is matchless. No other source can ever compete the diverse ocean of the web which has videos, photos, songs, study related items and adult related content […]

WhatsApp, Making Texting Fun

The world has gone shorter with the ever growing easy modes of communication. The distances have decreased and people sitting hundreds and thousands of miles away now talk as two people sitting in a room talk to each other. In this recent era of modern communication, texting service has provided […]

Google Drive, Your Perfect Storage Companion

With the ever increasing data of all the mobile users worldwide, people have started facing difficulty in storing their important documents, files, videos and pictures. Although the newer versions of the Android devices feature quite a handsome amount of space, yet there comes a point when it also gets filled […]

Keep Track Of Your Moves

An Android app named as My Tracks from Google is utility based software that works perfectly well for the people who intend to measure their covered distance along with speed using their Android devices. Although there are several other apps of similar kind available on Google Play yet this one […]