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An Android app named as My Tracks from Google is utility based software that works perfectly well for the people who intend to measure their covered distance along with speed using their Android devices. Although there are several other apps of similar kind available on Google Play yet this one being from Google itself, serves the purpose in the best possible way.
My Tracks allows the users to track their location with the help of an internet connection but in order to get further accuracy GPS is required. It claims to track your position within 20 metres accuracy.

Three modes are available in the software. The first one shows the distance covered and the speed along with the time since when the device is detecting your position. The second mode shows your position in a map with the distance that you have covered in a separate colour to mark your route where as the third mode features your elevation.

There however are a bit of flaws in the app. Last time I used the app to track one of my trips, it showed the distance to be an approximate of 1.95km, on foot. However when I covered the same distance on my way back, My Tracks showed it to be 3.2km. The app suffers from a bit of fluctuation when it comes to the actual path that you are moving on. It sometimes leaves your original path and strays a bit on the right or the left side. This doesn’t cause much of a trouble when it happens just once or twice in one particular journey. However this problem causes marked problems when it keeps happening again and again, as observed from my own experience that I’ve narrated earlier.

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Another thing that needs improvement in the app is the speed feature. The speed meter also experiences some error. Last time I used My Tracks, I was on foot. In this particular trip of mine the top speed feature of the app showed that I had moved at a speed of 42 kilometres per hour and another thing that I observed was the delay in the speed sensor. While I had come to a dead stop the app still kept showing my speed to be nearly 5 kilometres per hour for the next 30 seconds or so.



Google surely will overcome all these flaws in the days to come. With each upcoming version of the app, further improvements are expected to come but still it is the best of its kind in the free apps category. There are other identical apps but they are too costly for a normal Android user to afford. So the My Tracks app from Google is the best of its kind app that surely informs you about your track and speed in a nice way.

However if you want the entire data to be 100% accurate you still have to wait for Google to work on the newer versions to bring further improvements.


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