WhatsApp, Making Texting Fun

The world has gone shorter with the ever growing easy modes of communication. The distances have decreased and people sitting hundreds and thousands of miles away now talk as two people sitting in a room talk to each other. In this recent era of modern communication, texting service has provided easy and cheap mode of contact. The texting service provided by the mobile phone service providers(SMS) still cost some charges however the internet based applications and softwares particularly designed for the process provide free of cost yet reliable and easy communication service.

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WhatsApp is a similar application that came into play back in 2009. Since then it has been marking its name throughout the world with over ten billion texts delivered per day now. The operating systems that support the app are way too many including Android, Black Berry, iOS(Apple) and the Windows Phones, however the biggest market share of the users is held by the Android operating system.

The Android based version of the WhatsApp messenger is the best of its kind. It’s trendy, easy to use and quick. The recent version working at the Android that was released 10 days ago of 21st May 2013 is the 2.9.7312. The App provides freedom to the users to send text messages to anyone who is also using the WhatsApp messenger. All you need to do is download WhatsApp from Google Play, open the app. It will ask you to enter your mobile phone number, once you do that a code will be sent to that number. On Android devices the code is automatically detected by the device and there is no need to even enter it. However if in any case it doesn’t pick up the code for itself, WhatsApp provides the additional option of providing the code via a call.

An extra feature that WatsApp provides is the picture and video sending ability and it’s quick. Although the videos that can be sent have to be of limited size yet it provides a lot of convenience for the Android users to directly send media files to someone they are having a chat with, instead of attaching them in an email and going through the troublesome methods.

WhatsApp also provides another facility that is the voice recording and sending ability to users. So if you want to hear a friend and don’t have enough credit to call him you can use even your WatsApp messenger to listen to his voice and receive his message.

The stickers and emoticons available here are way too many and they are quite unique. In fact they are cute and trendy at the same time. The stylish get up of all the faces and the well expressed facial expressions provide your meaning in a manner that has never been conveyed by emoticons before this.

Overall, the app is a complete success and has complete control over its domain of messaging. Due to the innovative ideas of the developers and thrilling messaging experience WhatsApp is loved by all.

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