Hack Facebook friends Blocked Profiles on Android Mobiles

Marko, a senior member at xda forums, has found an easy way to see into your friends and relatives profiles and access their contents if you and that person is using Facebook Android app. The hack is very simple. I would say that it’s not hacking but actually the drawback in Facebook app for Android due to which the predators can penetrate into other persons profiles.

So, below we are providing you the easy way to do this:

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Hacking Facebook App

1. Find anyone post on which your friend has commented.

2. In the comments section, tap on the picture of their profile.

3. It will take some time to load their profile.

4. When loading is going on, select the Photos tab quickly.

5. To your surprise, you will see that you have access to that person’s pictures.

6. If you wait for too much time then the page will be loaded and you will found yourself on the basic information. Here, you can add him/her.

Hack Facebook Android app

So, do you find this tweaking useful and interesting?

I know the answer would be yes 🙂

Please note that if that person is smart enough and has enabled some secret settings then those settings will fail this tweak.

Facebook is the biggest social networking website today and it should seriously consider this hack. Also, the applications should be made so smartly that others cannot misuse it, either deliberately or by-chance.

But I know that the above trick might have made your day today. Please note that this or any of our other articles is just for educational purposes and we are not asking you to act and follow our tutorials.


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