[Video] How To Install Ubuntu 0.3 on HTC HD2

Here, we are showing you the video tutorial and inline instructions to install Ubuntu 0.3 on your HTC HD2 smartphones.

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1. HTC HD2 Mobile phone (European or T-Mobile).
2. Atleast 2Gb of free space on your computer.
3. Atleast 2GB of space on your device’s storage card, preferably formatted.
Installing Ubuntu on HTC HD2

Instructions of Installing Ubuntu on HD2

1. Download the Ubuntu 0.3 zip file from [Direct Link] or from [Torrent]

2. Extract the downloaded zip file.

3. Open the extracted folder and copy the linux folder to your phone’s storage card.

4. Disconnect the mobile.

5. Navigate to File Explorer, ‘Storage Card\linux, and run haret-pre-[…]ONLY.exe

6. Wait for the process to complete. It will take around 15 minutes.

7. Optionally, you can enable WI-Fi by clicking on Wi-Fi Mode and select your network.

8. You now have Ubuntu 0.3 running successfully on your HTC HD2.

Please see the below video:

Video Instructions

Please note that installing Ubuntu will not replace Windows. But it will be booted from within Windows, and your smartphone will return to its original state upon soft reset.

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