[How To] check Android Files corrupted

You transfer a file on your Android device and see that it’s a corrupted one. What will be your reaction? How will you feel? Really bad….correct?

But now you need not to worry as scary alien has developed an Android app exclusively for you. The app by the name Android File Verifier, shortly called as AFV helps you to determine if the files transferred on your smartphone are corrupted or not. Moreover, it doesn’t require any rooting of your device.

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Android File Verifier functions

MD5 verification – Nandroid backup directory
MD5, SHA1 Checksum Calculations
If you have any .apk, .zip or .jar file and its signed then you can verify it without knowing MD 5 Checksums
Android File Verifier to check files

How to use Android File Verifier

1. From home screen, press ‘Select File’ button. Pressing button will enter you to the file-selector.

2. The top row (green-color up arrow with icon of a folder) always displays the selected directory. You can navigate UP one directory level by touching this row.

3. To navigate one directory level UP, you can also use Back Key.

4. When you press Back Key at the root directory, it will return you to main screen.

5. Other sub-directories can be navigated by touching a directory row (folder icon).

6. Touch Screen and drag up-down for scrolling through all the files and directories in the directory that you have selected.

7. Long-press on a file to view the available functions:
* Calc Checksums for
MD5 / SHA1 / SHA224 / SHA384 / SHA256 / SHA512
* For Verifying Jar-type file
* For Verifying Nandroid Backup (long-press nandroid.md5 file for using it)
* md5sum -c Type Check (operates on any .md5 file)

This app requires Android 1.5 or + and it doesn’t require your phone to be rooted but if you have root, you can validate the ROMs, signed update.zip-type files etc.

Download Android File Verifier

Download from Market

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