How To Update Nexus S to Android 2.3.4 Manually

Google on its Mobile blog announced recently that users can do Voice and Video chat on their Nexus S smartphones. Google will soon be giving an update for Android 2.3.4 that allows you to do this video chatting.

Android 2.3.4 Features

1. You can do video/voice chat on Android phones with your friends.
2. Video chat can also be possible from your Android tablet if your partner has GTalk installed on their computers.

This update would be rolling in the next few weeks. But if you cannot wait for this update, here’s a simple procedure to update your mobile to version 2.3.4
Install Android 2.3.4 on Nexus S

Useful Android Apps,
* Battery Caliberation
* Show Circular Battery Indicator

How To Install Android 2.3.4 on Nexus S manually

1. Download the zipped update file

2. Rename the downloadable file to

3. Copy the file to your phone’s internal storage.

4. Switch off your device.

5. Hold the Volume Up button and while holding, press Power button to switch on the phone.

6. Use the Volume Up/Down buttons to select Recovery.

7. Press Power to make the selection.

8. Your device will reboot into recovery.

9. When you see a little triangular droid icon, press Power and then Volume Up.

10. Select ‘Apply update from /sdcard’.

11. Scroll down to highlight your downloaded update file.

12. Press Power to select.

13. You will see a fresh install of Android 2.3.4 on your Nexus S.

Sources AndroidCentral. For any support, head to XDA

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