Install Google Talk Apk with Voice and Video Chat on Android phones

Recently, Google Announced of Video and Voice chat feature for Android Smartphones that will be available in Android 2.3.4 update. This feature is available by GTalk app. You will have to wait till your phone manufacturer like Motorola, HTC etc. pushes the Android 2.3.4 update on your device. But if you do not want to update till that date, you can head over to our below tutorial for installing Google Talk 1.3 App.

If you are Nexus S owner, you can also update to 2.3.4 version of Android by following our article here

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Google Talk Video Chat apk

How To Install Google Talk 1.3 Video Chat App on Android Phones

1. Your phone must be running Android 2.3+ and must be rooted. If it’s already not rooted, Follow any of the tutorials on our blog according to your set.

2. Download Google Talk 1.3 apk. Comment here if you are unable to download.

3. Connect your mobile with computer.

4. Open adb console window and enter the following commands:

adb remount
adb shell mv /system/app/Talk.apk /system/app/Talk.apk1
adb uninstall
adb push /system/lib/
adb push Talk2.apk /system/app

5. Enjoy Video Chatting 🙂

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  1. So this will not work on 2.2? I tried and with no love.

  2. Man, I hope someone is working on porting this to 2.2/2.2.1…eagerly waiting. I tried with my limited knowledge and failed. Seems like someone just needs to put missing files somewhere where they need to be???

  3. Hey, what is ADB console and where I can find it ?

  4. I installed as instructed and it worked great, except a friend of mine using a Nexus S couldn’t see me. He only saw a black screen. I saw me on my end, though, so my camera is working. He’s just not getting my video on his end.

    • If you have not already solved your problem, if your version is not 2.3.4(2.3.3) you will not get video to work since it will require a new version of GoogleServicesFramework.apk

      this file contains that apk also the Talk.apk has been tweeked for front facing camera switch button. if you dont have a ffc then you do not need to reinstall the Talk.apk the one you have will work fine just push the framework apk like you did for Talk2.apk

      • Thanks for the reply! I have an HTC Glacier (MyTouch 4G) running Cyanogenmod 7 (2.3.4). I got it working a while ago. It definitely worked using the ffc, but I couldn’t switch it to the rear facing camera. How would I go about integrating the file you’ve posted?

  5. Also running CM7 (RC-1) on HTC Glacier, I pushed files to my phone, and it works for me to see video, but chatting with gmail the person only see’s my google profile picture… I see video, and if somone tries to initiate a video chat with me it tells them my device doesn’t support video yet, only works if i initiate the call. A little nervous to replace google services framework… and it seems like I should be fine already with 2.3.4 based cm7

  6. Update, I used adb to push the googleServicesFramework.apk and ffc works now. But camera switch button gives a force close every time.

    tried to push the newer libtalk and talk.apk files over the top of the old ones, when i try the [adb rm /system/app/talk2.apk] i don’t get any confimation, just a list of adb commands same as if i had just typed [adb *enter]

    i might play with root explorer a bit too as i am just learning command line stuff. thanks for the tips to

  7. 5 month passed…
    Is there a way now to use GTalk on Android 2.2?

    (i can’t understand why if you call it “Talk” you don’t put the same thing for PC…even not videocall, but a voip call is needed…)

  8. I want to use gtalk

  9. Hey I’m on samsung galaxy fit s5670 running 2.3.4 official update
    Please tell the authenticated procedure for this without rooting my phone

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  11. adb remount
    adb shell mv / system/app/Talk.apk/system/app/Talk.apk1
    adb uninstall
    adb push
    adb push Talk2.apk/system/app

  12. talk apk free download for R5830i

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