Mytouch 3G Slide 2.2.1 – Rooting and Installing CM7

If you consider yourself the proud owner of MyTouch 3G Slide 2.2.1 smartphone and you want to root your mobile device then you should consider looking at the below steps. The credits for these clean tutorial guide goes to junior member insanityrains from xda.

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Root and Flash to Stock 2.1

1. First you should consider downloading the required files. Below files are required that you should download
• SuperOneClick 1.7
• ESPRIMG HTC Espresso Stock Rom
• Google Apps
• CM7 Rom

Get the above files from this url and save them on your pc. I would suggest you to make a folder by the name My-Touch in your C drive and copy all the files in that folder.

2. Extract all zipped files into their respective folders. You can use any Unzipping Software like Winzip.

3. On your mobile, start copying the Esprimg zip file to the Sd card root.

4. On your mobile, go to Settings.

5. Select the ‘Connect to PC and select ‘Charge only’.

6. Go to ‘Applications’.

7. Consider selecting ‘Development’.

8. Check Usb debugging ON.

9. In Step2, go into each of the folders one by one. You will see an exe file in each of the folders. Launch those exes one by one.

10. First of all, launch SuperoneClick folder’s exe.

11. When SuperoneClick launches, click on the ‘Shell Root’.

12. The rooting process will start and wait till it finishes.

13. Launch Mt3s Rooter.

14. Click on the ‘Root Me’.

15. Please make sure that you turn your smartphone’s Wi-Fi quickly. It would be best if it can be turned on within 20-30 seconds. After turning ON, wait for restart process to take place.

16. When the mobile reboots, it will be in Bootloader mode.

17. Select fastboot by pressing Volume Down button. If fastboot is not shown then selecting Boot-loader will show menu with fastboot.

18. Consider pressing Power button one time when fastboot high-lights.

19. The program will show ESprimg zip file.

20. In the top-right corner, you will see a progress bar.

21. The program will wait for sometime and then will ask you for updation. Press Volume Up button.

22. After completion, it will ask for reboot. Press the Volume Up key. If you see that the mobile has hanged on MyTouch circle then remove the battery, insert it again and reboot.

Rooting MyTouch 3G

Install CM7 with Google Apps

23. One of the downloaded files from Step1 has the name as Rename it to

24. Copy the and files to root of your mobile device.

25. Power off your device.

26. Press and hold Power and Vol Down keys at same time.

27. Program will check for ESpring.

28. You will see Menu.

29. Highlight the recovery.

30. Press Power key.

31. You will see a triangle in red color.

32. Press Vol Up and Power.

33. Select ‘Wipe Data-Factory reset’. Repeat same with ‘Wipe Cache Partition’.

34. Select the ‘Apply sdcard and update zip’.

35. Select the Reboot system.

36. When smartphone reboots, head over to App Drawer.

37. Open the Rom Manager.

38. Scroll little down.

39. You will see ‘Download Rom’. Select it.

40. Select the install and other options, if any.

41. You should get message something like ‘CM Installed’.

42. Consider choosing ‘Install Rom from Sd card’.

43. Choose ‘gapps-gb-20110613-signed’.

44. Press OK key 2 times.

45. You will see it as restarting and installing.

46. The restart will happen once more and you are ready when process completes.


  1. First off I have to say thanks for providing this to the MyTouch 3g Slide users…

    I’ve looked around for a long time to get this phone rooted…I had 2.1 and was waiting for the official Froyo release when I first started to look around for the root methods for this phone. I researched and was about ready to do it but then I heard of the Froyo coming in a week or two. I know it was said numerous times but I gambled and it paid off where I got the official update. It was good for a while, but the issues of low memory would always pop up. Being able to use apps that move things to the SD card helped a bit, but it was a constant chase for the memory.

    So, now I looked and looked and looked and found that all had failed…but THIS entire method here works for those who had 2.1 and officially updated to the 2.2.1 BUT it does not take S-OFF. It did allow me to root the phone and put on the CM7 rom and I have around 80megs of internal memory FREE! Well, it was more than that but with all my apps & games and etc I still had 4 times as much memory as I did before! (I had an avg of 20 megs free which ALWAYS was a hassle because of Maps & Google & email cache that I had to constantly erase and etc)

    It’s not a true root, if that’s the correct term to use, because the S-OFF is not there but now I can have NO bloatware, have tons of memory and now I have a fast enough phone.

    If your 3g speeds are good enough, along with occasional WiFi and you don’t need the 4g speeds, this is the way to go! Follow it STEP by STEP and it’s easy!

    I only have one suggestion, download and install a program called Titanium Backup or MyBackup from the market and save yourself some headache later on. It’s the FIRST thing you should do as well as saving your contacts and etc to your Google account AND to your SD card and etc and any other method so you don’t lose your valuable data.

    That AND the fact that the 1.7 has some sort of virus or something…so just use the latest version (I used version 2.1.1)

    Now, I’m only looking for proven ways to get S-OFF and anything else (Nand-Lock?) because I basically have nothing else to do with my phone but enjoy the speed and etc…but does anyone know some REAL reasons why I would want S-OFF and the Nandlock off? I know that AdAway or AdFree needs S-OFF to work, but other than that what are some reasons to really do this IF it indeeds helps you NOT to brick your phone???

  2. Doesnt work. Been trying it for hours. SuperONeClick becomes unresponsive after first step.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. No need of resaying what Joseph had said about the positives of this method but thank you so much man! Just one question though, i can’t get to work my fn Button. Anyway as to fixing this maybe with another flash rom, or something? Let me know. Other than that. Thank you!

  4. wow!! been tryin 2 root for three weeks now and this worked like a charm, with a little patience of course.. thank u soo much!!

  5. Of course!! Will do!!

  6. HOW THE HELL DO I GET WINZIP OFF OF MY COMPUTER!? i downloaded it and now everyfile i download for this is in winzip its confusing and its messing up my computer.please help ):

  7. ESPRIMG is not copying to my sd root it says file damaged

  8. It does not check for esprimg….

  9. Please, whenever i click shell root…it tells me bluetooth driver not found. please what do i do???

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