Installing Clockworkmod Recovery & Rooting after Revolutionary

We are letting you know here the instructions to install CWM after revolutionary. The credit goes to attn1. The person has explained the overall procedure in a very easy way. So, please check the below steps.

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1. You need adb and fastboot. Download them and install as per your operating system like whether you are using Windows or Linux.

2. Download CWM Clockworkmod Recovery img file as per your mobile phone

3. You should be considering moving the img file to the directory/folder/map as fastboot and navigating with terminal (if you are using Linux) and Command Prompt (if you are using Windows).

4. Unplug the Universal Serial Bus

5. Power off your phone.

6. Press Power and Volume Down buttons.

7. You will see that Hboot is starting.

8. Sdcard scan will start.

9. Wait till Sdcard scan completes

10. Plug the Universal Serial Bus

11. Press Power one time.

12. Fastboot USB mode will start and your mobile will be in Fastboot USB Mode.
For Linux:
sudo ./fastboot flash recovery recovery_name.img
For Windows using command prompt:
fastboot flash recovery recovery_name.img

Follow below steps now. We advice you to do backup before you install any new ROM or flash any new one.
Doing Backup
13. Unplug the Universal Serial Bus

14. Power off the smartphone

15. Hold Volume Down key for sometime and press Power key.

16. You will see that Hboot starts.

17. With Volume Down key, you should consider navigating to recovery.

18. Enter into Recovery by selecting Power.

19. You will see that CWM starts.

20. You should consider selecting Backup and Restore

21. Now select Backup

Rooting Smartphone
22. Download su- at

23. Copy su- to the root of your SD card.

24. Follow the instructions from Step 13 to Step-19

25. Choose the ‘Install zip from SD card’.

26. Consider selecting file

27. Confirm by selecting ‘yes – install su- ef’.

28. Go back

29. Reboot your smartphone

30. You have root now :).


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