An Online Music Player That Changes Things Altogether

The everyday life of a normal man is quite boring and there is nothing charming in it if it is free from the rhymes and beautiful chords of musical instruments, the vibes of which touch the heart and soul alike and make us all feel alive and our souls, free as birds. The chances for a human being these days to get access to new musical chords and tunes is greater than ever before due to the ever increasing and flourishing music industry and the advancements in technology by which the number of people who can get access to such music has now reached millions.

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There are various apps and softwares available on the internet which serve this very purpose of the human beings and make them feel relieved and their souls happy, the best part of which is that the ever increasing competition of the apps has forced a quality that was never observed before.

Such an app that has been achieving sky rocketing fame since its launch is Saavn, that is available in the free apps category at the Google Play Store. The app is a success and its fame is increasing with every passing moment due to its innovative ideas and perfectly crafted, user friendly designs and graphics.

The developing team has made available what every music lover from the South East Asia had been looking for since ever, a never ending stock of Indian music is available which includes not only the Bollywood music but also the music in Telugu and several other languages.

The app has separate sections and categories for music. What makes it an overall success is that the app allows its users to login via their Facebook accounts and then make playlists of their likings, so whenever they login, they don’t have to create playlists again and can just play the previous ones.

The Saavn app also has the radio feature in which several preset songs are present. It is a playlist sort of a thing that allows users to just choose their category of choice and then they can sit back and relax while the app does all the work, by playing one song after another of the same genre.

Saavn distinguishes from other online music playing apps in the way that it has an unmatched online streaming speed which makes it very easy for users to listen to their favourite music even if they don’t have lightening fast internet connections.

One of the drawbacks of the app however is that it does not allow song downloading and some of the very hit movie songs are absent altogether from the list. The search feature also needs severe improvement because it has no suggestion displays during the search and one needs to type the song or movie name in exactly the same spells as those present on the app. Anyone failing to do so does not find his/her favourite music on the site.


Still the Saavn app is a master piece and its reputation and fame is on an ever increasing rise with every passing day.

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