How to install Provxml on Windows Phone 7 devices

The techies and more than that, the developers of WP7 smartphones know that in order to prevent Zune from relocking WP7 phones, we need TouchXplorer to move the file to \\Windows\\. But with the below trick, you can automatically deploy provxml that you add in the xap.

You need not to deploy the provxml manually but infact, it would be done automatically if you follow the below mentioned steps illustrated by us. But please note that we would not be responsible if you brick your precious smart phone or do anything wrong with it.

Prerequisites that you need:

* HTC Device Chevron unlocked.

* HTC Connection Setup. Download.

* Tool rgu to xml attached. Download from xda link.

* HTC ProvXml Deploy xap. Download from xda provxml.

Please note that to download the above 2 files, you must be registered on xda forums. If you will not be registered on the forums of xda then you will not be able to download the above mentioned files.

How to install provxml on WP7 phones

1. Create a text file.

2. Write REGEDIT4 on top of the text file.

3. Place your registry keys in this text file, as shown in the below example code. Make sure that you have REGEDIT4 written on top.
So, this is the code below:



4. Use the tool rgu-2-xml.exe and convert this text file to provxml.

5. Rename the file to CustClear.provxml

6. Extract xap from the attached rar.

7. Put CustClear.provxml file inside the xap and open it with winrar or WinZip. (Please make sure that you replace the existing provxml).

8. Deploy xap on your Windows Phone 7 device.

9. Press green button to apply settings.

10. Uninstall HTC Provxml.

11. Deploy.

12. Reboot.

For any support, you can get-in touch at xda support forum.

NOTE: We are again mentioning here that we will not be responsible for any damage to your phone. You need to process this at your own risk only.


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