Top 10 Android Business Apps for SMBs

Top 10 Android Business Apps for SMBs

Business men are the busiest persons among all the persons engaged in different works of different categories. Basic and simple difference between a person engaged in job and person related to some business is that the person on job is only responsible for his duty and he is free after performing his daily duty but the person related to business has to take care of his business all the time. They remain busy in their daily meetings. They will be always found busy in talking about how to increases the productivity etc and sometimes they also found on different tours in the country or abroad for various purposes. So, android apps are their best friends at that busy schedule with the help of which they can communicate with all their business partners, employers, dealers etc easily and effectively.

Top 10 Android Business Apps for SMBs
Top 10 Android Business Apps for SMBs


This app is very much effective in enhancing communication among users. This app allows users to call from skype to skype at free of cost. Users can also call to other cellular phone networks at a very minimum price. So this app is very much efficient and useful for business men because they have to remain in contact with all the persons related to their all the time. So this app suits very economical to them.

Documents to Go

With the help of this app business users can view and edit their files of PDF, power point, excel etc away from their desk on their smart phones. It is not concerned that where they are at moment they can perform any kind of task related to their files they can do easily.

PageOnce Personal Assistant

This is very beautiful android app with the help of which users can keep track of all their important records related to bank accounts, cell phone minutes, about bills etc. With this app you can also read feeds from social networking sites.

Barcode Scanner

This app is very much helpful for persons having business on small scales like retail stores etc. With this app they can scan the barcodes available on books, CDs and similarly can find prices of various things by scanning barcodes.

Android Time Card

This app is useful for calculation purposes like with this app user can check in and check out their daily timing routines and can keep track of their routines. This app is also supported with various other features like mileage, language, earnings and notes.


With this app android users can record all their expenses to keep record of their routine expenses so that they can compare their personal and business expenses.

Intuit GoPayment

This is an amazing app among all android apps with the help of which users can process all their credit cards without any credit card processing machine with the help of their android smart phones.


This app blocks all the malwares and dangerous viruses from the smart phone and protects your phone. With this app there is no danger of losing your important and sensitive files related to your business.

Scan 2 PDF

This app can be effective in converting your hardcopies to PDF files. You have to just take the snap of your document and this app will convert your document to PDF file and you can email it easily to any person you want.

ASTRO File Manager

This app is basically a file manager with this app you can arrange your files into folders.  You can easily download, extract and browse files with this amazing android app.

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