How To Call Free on Android Phones without WiFi using Rebtel

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Rebtel International Calling is an Android App that allows you to call Android Mobiles free without need of any 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can call normally as you call any normal mobile number.

You need an Android mobile phone and should have this app installed on it. Your friend to whom you are calling should also have this app installed on its smartphone.

The best of this app is that you don’t need any WiFi or 3G connection, nor you have a limitation that your friends must be online on Skype. This is better than others as you can call anyone anytime.

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But it has some limitations too. The drawback is that the called person should have Rebtel app installed on its device. And second one is that the free calls are only allowed in some of the countries. There are a total of 50 countries in which the calling is free and for others, you have to pay 🙂 . But don’t worry, the manufacturer claims the rates to be the lowest one as compared to any other provider.

If your friend or relative lives in any of the below mentioned country, you are lucky enough as you can make free calls then 🙂

Free Calling Countries from Rebtel

• United States
• UK
• Turkey
• Switzerland
• Sweden
• Spain
• South Africa
• Slovenia
• Slovakia
• Singapore
• Romania
• Dominican Republic
• Czech Republic
• Puerto Rico
• Poland
• Peru
• Panama
• Norway
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Malta
• Mexico
• Lithuania
• Latvia
• Luxembourg
• El Salvador
• Estonia
• France
• Finland
• Greece
• Germany
• Hungary
• Hong Kong
• iNum
• Israel
• Ireland
• Italy
• Jordan
• Japan
• Denmark
• Canada
• Chile
• Cyprus
• China
• Croatia
• Brazil
• Bahrain
• Bulgaria
• Belgium
• Algeria
• Austria
• Australia
• Argentina

Free Calling Android App Rebtel

If you need to call other country also, the first call would be free. The company is providing this facility in order to promote their app. So, you can try with first bonus call.

Rebtel Android App Features

1. Free calling to 50 countries having the app installed on called peoples.

2. No need of 3G or Wi Fi

3. Cheap Rates to other countries.

4. 40% cheaper than Skype to non Rebtel users.

5. You will not see any sort of ads in the form of banners or any type.

Currently, more than 10 million users are using it.

It is available free having size of 1.5M and requires Android1.5 and higher.

Rebtel Free International calling on Android – Video

Download Rebtel App

You can download this app from Market



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