[How To] Enable 2G-Only Setting Automatically to Save Battery

If you own an Android smartphone and run CyanogenMod ROMs then here’s good news for you. Developer TheMasterBaron has released an apk Toggle 2G that enables you to switch your phone to 2G when it is asleep. This helps you to save battery power of your device.
Toggle 2G-3G on Android mobiles

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Toggle 2G App Features

• Switches to 2G and if Wi-Fi is connected, stays there.
• Enables 2G-Only setting if screen is off and battery is below 30%. The battery percentage can be configured.
• Enables 2G-Only setting if screen is off for more than 10 minutes. The time can be configured as desired.
• If you are using the network, the app will not switch your device to 2G.
• If you are on call with someone, then the network will not change.
• As soon as you on your mobile’s screen, 3G is re-enabled, unless the battery is below the required percentage, wifi is on or manual switch to 3G setting is enabled.
• If you want a notification in the notification bar to manually switch back to 3G, then you have to install a separate Toggle 2G plugin app for this. Link below in Point 1 of Instructions.

Enable Toggle 2G – Instructions

1. Download the apk files from here [Link]. Comment here if you want files in email from us.

2. Install it.

3. Reboot your smartphone.

4. Run Toggle2G app and configure it as per you want.

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